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03 Jan 2011 19:57 prasun3

What is the requirement for this to run on Windows? Does it run on Win7 with Microsoft AHCI drivers?

12 Nov 2010 15:37 dpgilbert

With regard to building this package in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008(MSVS-2008) there is no support for that. It builds under either cygwin or mingw which simulate a Unix like environment. Cygwin depends on a not (totally) free dll while mingw is unencumbered. So on my site there is a zip of exes (built with mingw) which should work. Most recent zip is:

01 Jun 2010 19:39 arvindp


I'm trying to build sg3_utils in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008(MSVS-2008) and it fails with many errors.
Can I build this is windows using MSVS-2008? If so can anyone tell how to build it ? I see the pkg notes that it is ported to Windows OS, so want to build and test in Win environment.


18 Feb 2010 14:54 bugmenot

Ah I get it. Never mind that comment ?

18 Feb 2010 14:49 bugmenot

I can't find a bug tracker and the "report problem" link apparently doesn't belong to this project so I'll write that here:

Please check
I had the same problem and their patch solved that issue for me.


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