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Slideshow is a kiosk-style application for showing text, image, and video in a loop on monitors and projectors. It is not meant for situations where interactive control is required, but when the content is continuously looping for a long time. The content is updated through a Web GUI. The application is split into two packages, the backend and frontend. The backend is written in C++ and OpenGL. and the frontend uses Python. Currently. the frontend is very GNU/Linux specific and will not run on any other platform, but is meant to be as platform independent as possible, as long as it handles OpenGL.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Jan 2011 01:57

    Release Notes: A major overhaul of the frontend, which has been implemented using Python instead of PHP, and is now using jQuery to make it easier to handle slides.

    •  01 Sep 2008 20:46

      Release Notes: This is a somewhat stable release. It adds support for slide bins (containers) and slide deactivation.


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