Comments for SMS Server Tools

20 Apr 2007 13:50 sfrings

Program is stable, book and DVD updated
Hello users,

I did not receive any bug report for a while, therefore version 2.2.14 is still the latest one.

However, Keijo Kasvi is working on his own extended version 3.x which is downloadable on

For both versions, you might buy my book SMS Applications, that has been updated today.

07 Apr 2006 00:30 sfrings

Book SMS Applications again updates

I updates my book again. The DVD contains now 3 GB.

09 Apr 2005 05:01 sfrings

New edition of the book SMS Applications
Hello Users,

I like to inform you that I just released the second

edition of my book "SMS Applications". It comes now

with a DVD of more than 2.5GB and it has a completely

new chapter about Awk programming.

Owners of the old book can download the new chapter

for free.

04 Jun 2004 00:04 sfrings

Program runs absolutely stable
Hello people,

I tested the version 1.14.3 at vodafone germany for 3 weeks sending and receiving messages every minute. The program ran absolutely stable.

I used a 4 years old Linux server for this test. The program did not cause any problems on the other software that runs on the same PC. A temporary CPU load of 100% caused by the other server software did not introduce any problem. All messages (of more than 20.000) were received correctly and all sent messages reached the receiver.

The version 1.14.3 is pretty good useable for business.

13 Sep 2003 03:08 sfrings

New book available
I like to inform you that I finished my work on
the book. My book about commercial SMS
applications is now available in german and
english. Please visit my homepage to find a
description of the content, example PDF files
and ordering information.

19 May 2003 00:28 sfrings

Siemens Status Report
Status Report works now on probably all Siemens Modems.
Use Init String ATE0+CNMI=2,0,0,2,1

18 Jan 2003 08:56 fvh

patch against 1.8.0
The program could fail while it was moving a file: if the destination-partition is, for example, full, bad things could happen (the program could ultimately crash). Furthermore, I changed some buffer-sizes to PATH_MAX so that they have the correct length for filenames. smsd did not check if a memory-allocation call succeeded or not.
You can find the patch here:

13 Jun 2002 14:11 Guss

Another interesting project for SMS delivery
Check out Kannel, which - in addition of supporting GSM modems, support SMS message centers with various protocols. Kannel also doesn't use file queues, but internat queues and HTTP messaging for input and output.

12 May 2002 20:06 andrewpollock

Good stuff
Having written software to talk to a Falcom A2D-1 in the past, I found some properly written software a good find. Working well for me so far, I've only had it in for a few days.


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