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Soupermail is a generic form to email handler that does things like handling PGP/GPG encryption, file upload/download, saving form contents to a file, DBI/DBD database support, multiple file and email templates, multiple recipients, cookies, form expiry dates, sending HTML formatted mail, and PDF generation.


Recent releases

  •  16 Feb 2001 12:46

    Release Notes: This release includes rewrites to much of the e-mail code with the aim of improving file attachment support, full database read/write support using DBI/DBD Perl modules, extended templates allowing for looping blocks, and a number of bugfixes and extra security features.

    •  28 Jul 2000 00:37

      Release Notes: Mostly bugfixes to 1.0.7 for MIME handling, math functions, some extra output element formatting, extra documentation, maillist headers, multiple charmaps, more number formatting, date maths, and a conditional expression fix.

      •  17 May 2000 19:05

        Release Notes: Fixes for a number of bugs in PGP and file upload, and new whackiness like PDF generation, conditional template blocks, outgoing file attachments, generic MIME type handling, more output element formatting, saving encrypted data, saving form data to unique files, and a lot of other tweaks.

        •  10 Nov 1999 06:28

          Release Notes: Fixes for GPG and PGP running under NT, additional output formatting (including maths support), a fix for HTTPS servers, field validation and major code reorganisation.

          •  30 Aug 1999 22:30

            Release Notes: Some bug fixes, now handles GPG under WinNT, and can send HTML formatted mail.


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