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SPAW Editor is a Web based in-browser WYSIWYG HTML editor control enabling Web site developers to replace a standard textarea HTML control with full-featured, fully customizable, multilingual, skinable Web based WYSIWYG editor. It has a tabbed multi-document interface, floating/shared toolbars, a modular architecture, and many other exciting features.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  04 Apr 2008 13:21

    Release Notes: The main focus of this release was reworking of the style application algorithm, combining good parts of the ways this was done in SPAW 1.x and SPAW 2 and getting rid of the bad. Other bugs have been fixed, workarounds implemented, and new features added. Numerous language files have been updated and fixed by the community.

    •  20 Dec 2007 18:50

      Release Notes: This release adds CSS class setting in the image properties dialog and quick links in the hyperlink dialog. It also fixes a a long standing bug when invalid HTML was causing content to multiply under IE each time you resubmitted it (or switched to HTML). Many smaller bugs were fixed, and several language files were added and updated.

      •  17 Jul 2007 10:15

        Release Notes: This version adds support for the Safari browser and several bugfixes and enhancements.

        •  11 Jun 2007 11:49

          Release Notes: This release fixes some outstanding issues like undo/redo functionality in IE, CSS classes for table cells, and many more. It also adds and updates a couple of language files for both the core and the Spaw File Manager plugin. A couple of new features were also added. A nasty bug in the XHTML rendering engine where closing quotes on src and href attributes were missing was fixed.

          •  15 Mar 2007 16:31

            Release Notes: A feature to customize predefined colors in colorpicker was added. An optional feature to convert special characters to HTML entities like ©, —, etc., was implemented. A highly requested quick image insert feature from SPAW 1.x was brought back. A fix for an ugly bug when the editor wasn't usable over HTTPS under Firefox is also included.


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