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Sysfence is a Linux resource monitoring tool. It checks resource levels (load average, memory, swap, etc.) and performs an action if specified thresholds have been exceeded. It can be used for alerting admins, dumping system stats, or just killing processes.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  30 Apr 2006 12:50

    Release Notes: This version contains a bugfix for invalid memory level recognition on non-vanilla kernels (e.g. SuSe or Red Hat specific ones).

    •  10 Jan 2005 16:49

      Release Notes: This release fixes a major bug which led to a filehandle leak and eventual failure. Upgrading is strongly recommended.

      •  21 Jun 2004 18:25

        Release Notes: With this release you may monitor the number of active processes in the system. Selection by UID/username or process state is possible. For example, you may watch the number of zombie tasks owned by httpd, or processes stopped on I/O operations, or just the total number of threads running on your machine.

        •  31 May 2004 15:18

          Release Notes: This release fixes a major bug with 32-bit integer overflow. Upgrading as soon as possible is recommended.

          •  29 May 2004 20:52

            Release Notes: This version can take care of your filesystems, watching the amount of used, free, and available space. Another new feature is signal handling that allows the user to temporarily disable checking of each rule. Also, sysfence now gives information about its current state in the process name (as seen in "ps ux").


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