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Tickets is a Web-based CAD system oriented to the needs of groups and teams with a budget problem and some in-house technical skills. It supports a 'no Internet' option, local terminology, support for mobile terminals, APRS, Instamappper, LocateA, Latitude, and GTrack interfaces, mapping via Google's Maps API, run tracking and record keeping, driving directions from responder to incident, email/SMS notification, etc. It is a fork of the well-regarded PHPTicket package.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Oct 2008 21:44

    Release Notes: APRS data handling has been significantly corrected and improved. Cell phone/texting messages will be automatically 'chunked' to reflect the size limit per message. The database schema is expanded to accommodate future growth in Tickets capabilities. Teams and members -- with attributes of titles, skills, courses taken, certificates gained, plus document management and photos -- are now schema elements. Automatic notification via email/texting whenever any ticket is edited or written, or a unit dispatched, with a filter for incident severity.

    •  19 May 2008 13:37

      Release Notes: A PHP version-specific error was removed. IE handling in certain modules was corrected.

      •  31 Mar 2008 15:33

        Release Notes: A major upgrade was done in computer-assisted-dispatch functionality and performance. A capability to track dispatched response units with respect to incidents, driving directions, EMD Cards, KML file integration, and more was added.

        Recent comments

        02 Sep 2010 00:24 ashore

        The latest version - 2_12 - is available at SourceForge.

        Among its features is a 'no-internet' option, which allows local operation, the absence of which had been a major sticking point for those teams with a mission of operations after 'the balloon has gone up'.

        Another major improvement is the ability for a site to revise menu's, captions, and form field names to meet local standards and usage.

        And, better support of mobile applications/devices, including toughbooks and various classes of smart phones.


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