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11 Mar 2010 13:20 ricks99

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19 Dec 2009 23:31 marclaporte

Learn more about The Tiki model - The Wiki Way applied to software development

M ;-)

02 Jun 2007 21:00 marclaporte

A response to common questions / concerns about Tiki
If you are evaluating Tiki, please read:

10 Nov 2006 06:41 webdesignguru

Its getting there
I can say that I am really impressed with this CMS app. Awesome Job. As stated before, Search Engine Friendly Urls would be great. A great way to generate more publicity is would to develop a "Digg Clone" module similar to Pligg

07 Jun 2006 19:39 marclaporte

Feature list with auto-evaluation by the Tiki community
Some people are very happy with Tiki, some not.

Please see:

17 May 2006 23:56 AchimDerMerath

Re: rewrite engine?

> Searchengine friendly url....


ok i know the input rewrite is htaccess - it works and seams to be ok

BUT the outgoing is not implemented

but this is the mainpart of a SEFURL


i searched and found TikiURLt

on my local linuxserver it works 1.9.3 and 1.10 (the tar.gz above)

on a vserver it doesn't

it's crashing becource some problems with the cache

Warning: mkdir(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/tmp/71) is not within the allowed path(s):......

(/srv/web/:/srv/www/htdocs/phpMyAdmin/:/srv/www/htdocs/confixx/html/gesperrt/) in /srv/web/html/wiki/lib/adodb/ on line 1551

this message repeats about x100 times

17 May 2006 05:19 AchimDerMerath

rewrite engine?
Searchengine friendly url

like much other projekts have as clickable standart is missing

please force this for the next release.

17 Jan 2006 06:33 kamyl

extremely great software as CMS
Hi there! :)

I recently started using TikiWiki as CMS for one of my sites. Now I'm so impressed of it's features that I started considering to convert all of my sites using other OpenSource CMS to TikiWiki. :) This software is truly awesome!

20 May 2005 07:01 marclaporte

Re: We are working on better documentation!

> The doc.tikiwiki site has been very slow

> in updating (...) more interest in rushing on (...)

> (...) than in concentrating on a good

> stable version of Tikiwiki (...)


Yes, I agree we should have better documentation. Since it is a wiki, you can contribute easily. Please help us make it better. We have also worked hard to make Tiki more intuitive (especially the admin panels in Tiki 1.9) so documentation is less important. (But it still is, of course!)

However, I am concerned with your comment which could let a reader think Tiki is unstable. We have three branches. You choose if you want more stability or to access the newer features.

Tiki 1.9.0 was in development for well over a year and used on for 10 months before it was released.

Tiki powers tens of thousands of websites and Intranets. Search google for the following string:

"/tiki-index.php" and you will see :-)

Best regards,

M ;-)

20 May 2005 06:05 marclaporte

Re: almost, but not quite

> tikiwiki would be perfect for a project

> that I have in mind except for one

> thing; I couldn't make it run under

> php5.

> I even tried deinstalling php5 (in

> freebsd) and installing php4, but that

> just broke all of my other sites and

> that wasn't a compromise I was willing

> to make.

> In the meantime I'll keep looking for

> alternatives like Framewerk and waiting

> for tikiwiki to support php5


Thank you for the kind words. "perfect for a project that I have in mind"

About supporting php5. Many users have reported using Tiki with PHP5 successfully since 5.0 More info at

Please report bugs and we will try to fix them :-)

Best regards,

M ;-)


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