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13 Jul 2006 13:21 eptenke

Database support -- go with postgres
After having had difficulty installing tutos with mysql, I looked at the code and found that the SQL is postgres-oriented. The same SQL is used for all the different database engines, and the project as a whole is starting to have difficulties keeping up with the differences, it seems.

A couple of examples are in order:

1) I tried to introduce backticks around field names. Since there is no one place where the SQL is generated, I would have to modify all the field names throughout the project. This is now a necessity for getting MySQL to work, because of the introduction of the repeat keyword in MySQL 4 and 5.

2) There is a "SELECT DISTINCT ON (alias) tablename" type of query in the bugtracking module. This is not valid mysql SQL. Again, this application seems to have been written for postgres with the hopes that it would just work for other DBs.

These issues lost my confidence in this project. My recommendation is that if you do install this project, use postgres.


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