X2 provides channel services to a Universal ircd based IRC network. It manages GLINES, can provide server ops, and offers registered channels with full multi-level userlists and individualized settings. X2 can serve as an OperServ and ChanServ.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 Jul 2000 12:13

    Release Notes: This is a pre release of what will be version 5.1. It sports Undernet and universal ircd "P10" protocol, and has many many bug fixes and internal improvements (including lower CPU usage). Intelligent network routing management was also added.

    •  22 Mar 2000 04:06

      Release Notes: Fixes for a bug causing random crashes & stack corruption and incompatibilities with Win32, Solaris, and other platforms lacking vsnprintf, automated removal of unused channels, and general cleanup of the Makefile.

      •  04 Feb 2000 22:02

        Release Notes: Added compatability with efnet's HYBRID TS4 ircd. Fixed handling of "out of space on device" errors. 8BALL improved, along with a simple calculator. A new database format and numerous other important changes.

        •  03 Mar 1999 13:43

          Release Notes: Fixed buffer over-runs in password system, fixed many spelling errors in bot responces and help, added VOICE and DEVOICE commands, INVITE command updated and enabled, many minor bugs involving COOWNER and PEON userlevels fixed, and SET settings for protection fixed to work better with COOWNER and PEON levels.

          •  18 Feb 1999 13:29

            Release Notes: Some minor bug fixes since 4.6 release. Added CLVL command (to change users level). 4.6 users are strongly reccomended to upgrade due to a bug which can cause data loss.

            Recent comments

            05 Feb 2000 08:36 cghills

            X2 Rules
            X2 is by the far the greatest bot i have seen on any irc networks. Credit is due to Rubin for creating it.


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