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XamimeLT is an email scanner which encapsulates your existing sendmail or Postfix server setup. It scans both incoming and outgoing email. It can scan for email viruses, unwanted file types (eg. EXE, BMP, MPEG) and file names (eg. prettypark.exe), spam, and almost anything you care to search for in an email. It can also be used to scan for text snippets within emails and to insert disclaimers into outbound emails. XamimeLT was formerly known as "Inflex".

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  30 Mar 2005 06:11

    Release Notes: This release updates the testvirus script, ripMIME, and alterMIME.

    •  17 Dec 2004 11:16

      Release Notes: This release updates the ripMIME engine. It fixes filetype testing, and cleans up the AntiVirus testing code.

      •  27 Nov 2004 22:19

        Release Notes: The ripMIME package was updated. The $ID variable was added to reportvars.

        •  25 Jun 2004 05:36

          Release Notes: This version increases modularity, and updates the MIME decoders, BitDefender and ClamAV support.

          •  16 Nov 2003 05:05

            Release Notes: Various changes were made in this version.

            Recent comments

            24 Apr 2002 20:03 pldaniels

            Re: Remove feature request
            % As of this afternoon, the Inflex home
            > page is suspended. I'm glad I grabbed
            > the latest version before it went down.

            (Tom, This isn't aimed at you ;)

            We're back up, however, I'm /really/ not happy now. Whilst I appreciate services like SpamCop, ORBS, RBL, they /are/ treading in deepening waters of legal issues. If they do not improve their selectivity of blocking, they will land themselves into major legal problems. This is not a "threat" to them (or anyone), after all they are providing a good service, rather it's just a warning of what might yet come.

            After my ISP suspended me due to a report from SpamCop it took a great deal of work to get un-suspended (Note to SpamCop - Please put a conflict-resolution email address on your main page, rather than having to dig through FAQ's... When flustered, it's hard to find stuff in FAQ's :)).

            If myself, getting complaints from end-users about "Spam" (Report messages) is any measure to go by, I'm sure the developers of SpamCop (etc) really will come to suffer some pressure. Email is the lifeblood of companies on the Internet. Cutting off that blood (as I suffered) will KILL companies very quickly. Xamime greatly depends on the internet/email. Xamime is the project which ensures the ongoing survival of Inflex, ripMIME, alterMIME and all the other projects provided.

            *rant mode off*

            24 Apr 2002 14:37 tmneff

            Re: Remove feature request
            Well, it was clearly a mistake (in hindsight) to enable sender-notify by default in earlier versions, but it took this new address-hijacking worm to turn the oversight into a real nuisance.

            As of this afternoon, the Inflex home page is suspended. I'm glad I grabbed the latest version before it went down.

            22 Apr 2002 03:52 firedust

            new antivirus scanner:
            it is more accessible for the most people

            21 Apr 2002 10:54 gregfitz

            Re: Remove feature request

            > I got a rather popular email address and
            > recieve regularly those "Our email
            > scanner has detected a VIRUS in an email
            > destined for you."
            > Please remove this feature from the
            > package as it is totally unnecassary to
            > let the reciever know that an email with
            > a virus was catched. Sending a
            > notification to the Sender is more than
            > sufficient.
            > IMHO sending the warning with the
            > direct link to your web site does border
            > spam. Despite the excuses you post on
            > your web site.

            I have been using Inflex for almost two years now maybe more. Has stopped lots of viruses and unwanted going threw my mail server. I generally receive over two million emails going threw my server each month. As far as Jan's and others comments about spam... The footer with a direct link to Paul's website is a option you have to turn on during the install. Which would mean that free services like yahoo,hotmail,excite which advertise in there emails
            would border on spam also. Next if the administrator did not want the replies all need to do is simply edit the script or visit Pauls site for a update. If your smart enough to install this script or setup a mail server you can easily customize this to work how you want IMHO. If none of this suits you well, the program was free you got what you paid for. :) Keep up the great work Paul!

            21 Apr 2002 03:35 pldaniels

            Re: Remove feature request
            Well, today I received threats of legal action from a person whom absolutely refuses to believe that I am not the person directly sending the blocked-email reports. Further more, the person believes I'm sending out the emails deliberately to entice sales/usage via scare-mongering tactics. Amazing, trying to sell something which is free.

            Whilst I know that legal action would bring to light the "truth" (that it's not me, but rather a foreign email server which has been setup, and is blocking) I do not care for things to get to that level.

            The worst bit about it all is that the person is acting like a child and closing their eyes and ears whilst going "nah nah nah nah" when I try to explain.

            If push comes to shove, I'll just ditch the Inflex project and allow someone who has more money to deal with legal fights to pick it up.


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