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No download No website Updated 25 Nov 2013 Infinity PFM

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Vit 8.22

Infinity PFM is a personal finance manager with support for budgets, OFX/QIF/QFX import, color reports, and charts. Both a Web client and desktop client are available.

Download Website Updated 15 Aug 2008 Wiaflos Accounting

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Vit 4.05

Wiaflos Accounting is an attempt to create a multi-platform server-client based accounting system. The goal is to have a central accounting engine which can either run on a dedicated server or on the same PC as the client interface. A SOAP API allows for the easy writing of GUI or Web interfaces or for tying into in-house systems. It is intended to be useful for everyone from single-person organizations to multinational corporate entities.

Download Website Updated 17 Jun 2007 XIWA

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XIWA (XIWA Is Web Accounting) is a Web-based accounting package built with Perl and PostgreSQL. It supports multiple data entry views, stocks, and a powerful, flexible reporting engine.

Download Website Updated 05 Apr 2006 Billing Software

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Billing Software allows your business to track invoicing and allows your customers to view their invoices online and easily export them to Excel for printing or saving. Invoices can also be emailed to customers right from the online application for convenience and efficiency.

Download Website Updated 30 Dec 2005 Ultrize TimeSheet

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Vit 2.50

Ultrize TimeSheet is a Web based time card to keep track of all time spent on multiple clients and projects. It can keep track of multiple clients with multiple rate quotes with multiple projects easily, intuitively, and simply.

No download Website Updated 16 Feb 2006 Job Costing Software

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Vit 3.70

Job Costing Software is a Web-based job costing product makes it easy to view or update job costs quickly. Users can view their project cost status in real time to make more accurate decisions, and can export costs to an Excel spreadsheet for reporting or printing. Two user levels allow suppliers to enter costs directly without the ability to edit other costs.

Download Website Updated 04 Apr 2003 FreeMercator Java POS

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Vit 1.00

FreeMercator Java POS is a Point of Sale terminal and back-office. Project goals include scalability, robustness, and ease of use.

Download Website Updated 01 May 2006 PHPFinance

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Vit 2.47

PHPFinance is a Web-based financial management program that can be used for finance managing, administration, and control using a database. It allows for statisitics, predictions, and management, and also shows procentage and progress graphs of income and expenses data.

Download Website Updated 19 Jan 2002 GnuLedger

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Vit 1.77

GnuLedger is a Web-based accounting system. It has all of the functionality that an average home user needs to manage their finances. Its backend is a MySQL database, and it currently uses a web browser front-end. It has been tested using Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera, and QNX's Voyager.

Download Website Updated 12 May 2013 Canadian Payroll

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CdnPayroll calculates Canadian payroll taxes, CPP, EI, WCB, HP, etc. The command line version produces various outputs for stand-alone use or for use with another program. It includes a simple GUI for Linux written in Kaptain and a CGI version for Web use.


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A vector graphics language for technical drawing and LaTeX.


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Metabolic pathway visualisation and analysis.