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Download Website Updated 05 Nov 2007 PostBooks

Pop 33.14
Vit 48.94

PostBooks is an ERP, CRM, and accounting system for small to mid-sized businesses. It features a graphical client and is fully international-ready.

No download Website Updated 05 Nov 2007 Tiny ERP Web client

Pop 41.76
Vit 1.46

The Tiny ERP Web client is a Turbogears/AJAX interface for the enterprise management software Tiny ERP. It supports all features of the GTK client and connects to the Tiny ERP server using XML-RPC.

No download Website Updated 05 Oct 2007 MyAutoMarket

Pop 17.20
Vit 1.00

My Auto Market allows you to manage your car dealership business. You can easily control your car inventory, buy used or new cars, and resell them. You can also make contracts and invoices.

Download Website Updated 12 Sep 2007 ea-Geier

Pop 17.66
Vit 1.74

The ea-Geier is a tool that handles accounting on a cash basis for Austrian companies (Buchhaltung zur Einnahmen-Ausgaben-Rechnung). With modular accounts code and a multi-lingual design, it is easily adjustable for other countries. It allows you to book and administrate your incomes and expenditures, manage assets (depreciation for wear and tear), your purchased goods intended for resale, and travel expenses.

Download Website Updated 08 Sep 2007 Whid

Pop 31.11
Vit 1.00

Whid (What Have I Done) is a simple application that keeps track of time. You can use it to see what you actually did today, or you can use it to keep track of time spent on projects. It can also print invoices.

Download Website Updated 24 Jul 2007 PyKota Print Quota System

Pop 161.25
Vit 8.43

PyKota is a full featured, internationalized, centralized, and extensible print quota system for CUPS. It supports PostgreSQL, OpenLDAP, MySQL, or SQLite as the quota database backend. This software features most of what you might expect from a modern print quota and accounting solution. Its flexibility and configurability greatly eases its integration into your own computing environment.

No download Website Updated 17 Jul 2007 LogicBill

Pop 24.17
Vit 1.15

LogicBill is a fully featured Web-based billing application, with features such as payment gateway integration, recurring invoice generation, a help desk, and more.

Download Website Updated 17 Jun 2007 XIWA

Pop 57.35
Vit 3.57

XIWA (XIWA Is Web Accounting) is a Web-based accounting package built with Perl and PostgreSQL. It supports multiple data entry views, stocks, and a powerful, flexible reporting engine.

Download Website Updated 12 Jun 2007 Luca

Pop 34.99
Vit 3.02

Luca is a Web-based based accounting (double-entry ledger) application. It is based on Python and TurboGears.

Download Website Updated 06 Jun 2007 bankconvert

Pop 12.33
Vit 1.00

bankconvert is a Web script that is able to convert various bank statement formats into the Czech GPC bank statement format. Supported input formats include Paypal QIF, RaiffeisenBank XML, and eBanka (a Czech statement in HTML).


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