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No download Website Updated 01 Aug 2001 Fenix

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Vit 68.43

Fenix is accounting software oriented to warehousing and import operations, with modules to manage customs and import activity, freight, and cargo.

Download No website Updated 01 Feb 2003 Finance management module for PHPRojekt

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Vit 1.00

budget-addon is a finance management module for the PHProjekt groupware suite for clubs, etc. with a shared bank account.

Download Website Updated 11 Aug 2003 Open Systems Accounting Software

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Vit 1.00

Open Systems Accounting Software (OSAS) is an accounting and business management system. It is designed to be easy to learn and use. It is best suited for companies ranging in size from small companies with 12 users or less to mid-market companies. It comes with many modules for accounting, distribution, and reporting.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2007 Guco

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Vit 4.50

Guco is a basic command line accounting system for small or medium enterprises, written in Catalan and adapted to Spanish law.

Download Website Updated 17 Apr 2008 Abstract Accounting

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Abstract provides a basic flow-based accounting model. It supports processing of multiple economic resources. It automatically calculates the value of accounting transactions given information on resource transfers. This also includes automatic revenue recognition and profit/loss calculation on a per-transaction basis.

No download Website Updated 14 Aug 2004 avsap

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Vit 2.08

avsap is a powerful, flexible, and complete financial accounting package. It supports double entry book keeping, cash and bank books, ledger, journal, customizable chart of accounts, template voucher entry, custom reports, year closure, customizable financial years, and multiple login levels. It is multi-user out of the box, acid compliant, fast, and user friendly.

No download Website Updated 12 Feb 2001 SAGU

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SAGU, which is a portuguese acronym for "Sistema Aberto de Gestão Unificada", was originaly designed to automate all of what that happens between a student and their Educational Institution. This relationship happens at the academic, financial and administrative levels, and SAGU has subsystems dedicated to these levels. SAGU can be tailored to fit the needs of any Educational Institution.

No download Website Updated 20 Feb 2004 Command-Line Accountant

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Vit 2.02

Command-Line Accountant is a simple and easy method to balance your budget. It supports multiple users (on UNIX-based systems), multiple accounts per user, IOUs, and automatic debit and credit processing using a flexible rule-processor.

No download Website Updated 29 Oct 2010 freeDiameter

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freeDiameter is a framework in C for supporting the Diameter Base Protocol (RFC3588). Diameter is a protocol for authentication, authorization, and accounting; it is the successor of RADIUS. Applications can be loaded as modules. Example applications include a Diameter EAP server, a Diameter SIP server, and Diameter Accounting.

Download Website Updated 03 Apr 2002 ISPAcct

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Vit 2.11

ISPacct (formerly Brickacct) accounts the logfiles which Bintec routers spew out depending upon configurable rules. Logfile-analyzing mail accounting functionality is also included (in beta stage). It has multiple backends like text, HTML, and MySQL. It was designed and used by a small ISP and is geared towards such uses as monthly accounting per IP or per dial-in use.


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A vector graphics language for technical drawing and LaTeX.


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Metabolic pathway visualisation and analysis.