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Download Website Updated 15 Sep 2001 Iria

Pop 16.25
Vit 1.00

Iria is a 2D game generator, and a game itself in the way of Thunder Force or R-Type games. Anybody can play games created with Iria. It's intended to be easy creating sceneries, objects (ships, enemies, explosions, etc.), and behaviours between these objects.

Download Website Updated 28 Jul 2002 Rock Dodgers

Pop 41.83
Vit 2.07

Rock Dodgers is a game in which you dodge the space rocks, use your shields, fire your thrusters, cross your fingers, and kiss your ship goodbye.

Download No website Updated 01 Sep 2001 Space Invaders in Perl/Gtk

Pop 14.42
Vit 1.00

Space Invaders in Perl/Gtk is a simple space invaders that was written while learning Perl/Gtk. Those also trying to learn Perl/Gtk may find it useful. Comments on better ways to do things, and bug reports etc. would be appreciated.

Download Website Updated 01 Sep 2001 Peng-Pong

Pop 16.91
Vit 1.73

Peng-Pong is a cross-platform pong game written in SDL and developed/tested on Linux.

No download Website Updated 19 Apr 2013 Cosmosmash

Pop 43.03
Vit 11.79

Cosmosmash is a game where you control a base that must destroy rocks before they hit the ground, or you lose points. You must also prevent "spinners" from touching the ground, or your base will explode. This game is a clone of the 1981 Astrosmash video game for the Intellivision by Mattel Electronics.

Download Website Updated 10 Dec 2012 Star Voyager

Pop 105.09
Vit 4.07

Star Voyager is a Star Trek-themed game with a strong shoot-em-up element. It can be played either single player or multiplayer, using a public server. It uses the SDL library for portability.

Download Website Updated 21 Jun 2001 SdlZombies

Pop 27.86
Vit 1.00

SdlZombies is a clone of old zombie games. The purpose of the game is to attract zombies and make them fall in holes.

Download Website Updated 16 Feb 2004 SolarWolf

Pop 77.46
Vit 2.76

SolarWolf is an action/arcade game written entirely in Python. It is originally based on SolarFox for the Atari 2600.

No download Website Updated 12 Nov 2002 Geki3

Pop 48.99
Vit 2.82

Geki3 is a 2D horizontal scrolling shooting game.

Download Website Updated 07 Dec 2001 Geki2

Pop 49.19
Vit 2.52

Geki2 is a 2D scrolling shooting game. It was based around KXL. KXL 0.5.2 or later is required to install.


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A cross platform, hardware accelerated, versatile stereo and 4D audio mixing library.