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No download Website Updated 07 Nov 2004 transconv

Pop 12.96
Vit 59.07

Transconv is a utility to switch between Jabber transports (e.g. icq.bad.transport to icq.better.transport), and modify roster items to reflect the transport change (convert all contacts that belong to the old transport).

Download Website Updated 04 Dec 2004 FreeCS

Pop 12.04
Vit 58.84

FreeCS is a free chat server. The layout is fully customizable, a permission system is available, and authentication is modular.

Download Website Updated 16 Dec 2004 im_narrator

Pop 22.65
Vit 58.73

im_narrator provides text-to-speech and speech- to-text services for instant messaging clients for the blind (and others). It currently supports AIM, MSN, ICQ, Exodus, Jabber Messenger, and Meca on Win32, and Adium X on Mac OS X. Ports to other platforms are planned.

No download Website Updated 22 Dec 2004 Teencamp-Chat

Pop 9.11
Vit 58.69

Teencamp-Chat is a simple chat system that does not require a database because everything is written into a file. It features whispering, different rooms, kicking, and a popup message when new chatters come in.

No download Website Updated 18 Feb 2005 TChat

Pop 14.83
Vit 58.18

TChat is a chat applet that makes it possible for your site's users and visitors to communicate through the Web. The applet is completely customizable and can be confiured with your company logo and sponsors’ banners. The server supports unlimited connections, a multithreaded architecture, an access log system, a lightweight communication protocol, platform independence, and an administration console. The client features public chat with multi-font support, multicolor text and backgrounds, private chat with audio effects, support for running embedded in an HTML page or in a detached window, a shared blackboard function, and more.

No download Website Updated 04 Mar 2005 glen

Pop 9.33
Vit 58.07

Glen is a client for the Polish IM network Tlen.pl.

No download No website Updated 20 Apr 2005 EKG2

Pop 14.90
Vit 57.66

EKG2 is an IM client for Unix systems (Linux, *BSD, SunOS, Solaris, Mac OS X, and BeOS). It supports plugins, which makes it possible to support many different protocols (currently IRC, Jabber, and gadu-gadu are supported). The current interface is based on ncurses, but any other interface can easily be added.

Download Website Updated 13 May 2005 cerberus services

Pop 18.44
Vit 57.46

cerberus is a modular and robust network operator and drone monitoring service designed to protect IRC networks from common threats that plague the community. It uses a BIND9-style configuration file with a mix of Perl syntax. It includes a map module that displays a server map along with basic information, stats/protocol for core protocol support, sql, an interface to DBI, modcontrol for controlling modules in use via IRC, login, operlist for displaying a list of all operators on the network, and more. It was designed for use with pure TS6 networks such as ircd-ratbox and ircd-hybrid.

Download Website Updated 04 Jul 2005 perudownz

Pop 10.00
Vit 57.01

Perudownz is a script for eggdrop IRC bots. It allows up to 6 players to play the game of Perudo, a South American variant of the game Liar's Dice.

Download Website Updated 05 Aug 2005 DirectNet

Pop 8.89
Vit 56.72

DirectNet is a serverless instant messaging system. Rather than every user connecting to a central server, all users connect to each other, and all messages are sent amongst this network.


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Kangas Sound Editor

A program to create sound effects and music.


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A Linux embedded appliance framework.