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No download Website Updated 05 Jan 2009 MASHUP::Keyword

Pop 19.05
Vit 1.00

MASHUP::Keyword is a wrapper to make creating a MASHUP easy. It can use Flickr, Youtube, AudioScrobbler, Eventful, and Google Social Graph, to name a few.

Download Website Updated 02 Oct 2009 Zero RRD Framework

Pop 45.72
Vit 1.86

Zero RRD Framework provides a central HTTP-based service for importing into standard RRD databases and for generating graphs. A lightweight, easily extendable agent for the data sources pushes updates with minimal resource consumption to the master service using HTTP. With the introduction of VMs for the service, it's easy to test-drive the application and even the architecture (connecting agents to the service in the VM).

Download Website Updated 08 Mar 2009 CGI::ContactForm

Pop 26.15
Vit 1.44

CGI::ContactForm is a Perl module that generates a contact form for the Web and sends a message to a predestinated recipient. Unlike many form-to-mail programs, it's limited to this single purpose, but it allows you to set up a decently designed form with a minimum of effort. In other words, it's simple to use rather than flexible, even if there are quite a few customization possibilities.

Download Website Updated 12 Jan 2009 geoPlugin

Pop 16.73
Vit 44.30

geoPlugin is a PHP class that can get geographical information from an IP address using the geoPlugin Web service, also known as geolocation or geoIP. It takes a given IP address and sends a request to the geoPlugin Web services server to obtain the geographic location associated to the IP address. The class also retrieves the location's currency name and conversion rate relative to a given base currency. This can be used to convert a given amount of money to the local currency. It can also retrieve locations near a place given its latitude and longitude coordinates.

Download Website Updated 10 Feb 2009 Dotiac::DTL

Pop 9.75
Vit 2.47

Dotiac::DTL is a module that can interpret and compile templates written in the Django Template Language for the programming language Perl. It is simple and extensible, and focuses on fast parsing and execution instead of syntax checks.

No download Website Updated 14 May 2009 CalendarView

Pop 21.91
Vit 1.46

CalendarView is a lightweight, Web standards-oriented JavaScript calendar widget for the Prototype JavaScript framework.

Download Website Updated 14 May 2010 eZimDMS

Pop 73.16
Vit 3.26

eZimDMS is a Web-based document management system (DMS) that provides features such as an upload progress bar, enhanced security, a recycle bin, and more. It is based on DocMgr.

Download Website Updated 20 Jan 2009 YAF4AJN

Pop 28.28
Vit 1.00

YAF4AJN is a Javascript file used by a browser to embed asynchronously received values into a page. Instead of using the server-side computing of pages, templates, and dynamic values, the YAF4JN pages are delivered as static content to the browser. The browser then requests the still-missing values and embeds the asynchronously received results. To use these features, the developer must only embed the yaf4ajn Javascript files into their pages and tag the missing values. The yaf4ajn library automatically does the rest.

No download Website Updated 21 Jan 2009 oo.Websitetools

Pop 27.84
Vit 1.00

oo.WebsiteTools is a set of basic tools which are needed on almost every Web site. Using these tools speeds up your Web development radically. It consists of three different parts: oo.Admin, oo.Sql, and oo.Ajax. oo.Admin is used to administer the site and allow users to manage their accounts. oo.Sql lets you change database backends without changing your SQL code. oo.Ajax is an AJAX library that can load and update div elements, send forms without reloading the page, and more.

No download Website Updated 03 May 2009 seisyunBroccoli

Pop 22.05
Vit 1.45

seisyunBroccoli is a program to get Web feeds using the RSS or Atom protocols. It aims to be simple and easy. Registered Web feeds are sorted according to date. A summary description (around 200 letters) of each feed item is displayed.


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