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Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 www_proxy

Pop 19.80
Vit 1.42

www_proxy is a non-caching HTTP proxy with capability of modifying the User-Agent field. It has customizable content filterig capablity and unlike most proxy servers, it logs the contents of the body of a POST request, not just the header. This tool is handy for debugging CGI scripts, search engine submission programs, bypassing problematic routes and firewalls, and for getting rid of junk HTML content.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 tcpgate

Pop 16.00
Vit 1.42

tcpgate is a tcp gateway/proxy. It listens on a port, when connection is made, opens another connection to the target host on the target port and forwards the packets unmodified. The target host sees the connection as coming from the host where tcpgate is running.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 libtcp++

Pop 12.65
Vit 2.35

libtcp++ allows you to create C++ TCP/IP clients and servers without having to worry about gethostbyname, sockect, connect, bind, listen and accept. It has three classes, TcpClient , TcpServer and TcpIpRuleSet. TcpClient allows you to initiate TCP/IP connections, TcpServer is an abstract class to be used for creating servers by inheriting from it, and TcpIpRuleSet allows you to establish a set of IP-based access rules, and check IPs against them.

Download Website Updated 24 Feb 1999 vfsh

Pop 15.20
Vit 74.78

Vfsh can be used as a replacement login shell for people wanting some variation in their shell experiences. It randomly chooses one of the standard shells each time it is invoked and then exec's it.

No download Website Updated 09 Jul 2013 pftpd

Pop 55.59
Vit 12.13

Pftpd is an implementation of an anonymous FTP daemon written from scratch. It uses multithreading (where available) in order to be lightweight, but still have high performance.

Download Website Updated 16 Apr 2004 Mozart (Oz)

Pop 68.99
Vit 2.75

The Mozart system provides state-of-the-art support in two areas: open distributed computing and constraint-based inference. Mozart implements Oz, a concurrent object-oriented language with dataflow synchronization. Oz combines concurrent and distributed programming with logical constraint-based inference, making it a unique choice for developing multi-agent systems. Mozart is an ideal platform for both general-purpose distributed applications as well as for hard problems requiring sophisticated optimization and inferencing abilities.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 petopt

Pop 14.39
Vit 1.05

Petopt is a free command line argument parsing library that handles short (-v) and long (--foo-bar) options. It supports abbreviated long options and should be pretty easy to use.

Download Website Updated 18 Oct 2005 pidentd

Pop 112.38
Vit 4.42

Pidentd v3 is a much improved version of the original Ident daemon both in terms of speed, code quality and features. Features include multithreading, a "configure" script, startup autodetection, much clearer/rewritten C code, doesn't run as root after startup, has a configuration file and can be started from /etc/inittab (on systems using a SysV init).

Download Website Updated 16 Dec 2004 glFTPd

Pop 120.45
Vit 7.85

glFtpD is a multi-platform FTP daemon that has numerous features and is easy to setup and use.

Download Website Updated 17 Jan 2003 tcp_wrappers

Pop 161.93
Vit 1.65

The tcp_wrappers package allows you to monitor and filter incoming requests for the SYSTAT, FINGER, FTP, TELNET, RLOGIN, RSH, EXEC, TFTP, TALK, and other network services. It provides tiny daemon wrapper programs that can be installed without any changes to existing software or to existing configuration files. The wrappers report the name of the client host and of the requested service. The wrappers do not exchange information with the client or server applications, and impose no overhead on the actual conversation between the client and server applications.


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Base85 encoding and decoding for Node.js.


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A sci-fI RPG.