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Download Website Updated 15 Mar 2011 POKIRSCAN poker tax calculator

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POKIRSCAN poker tax calculator computes gross winnings/losses from Full Tilt and PokerStars, which the IRS requires you to report rather than net profit. It combines games of the same stakes played within a set amount of idle time, netting them out.

Download No website Updated 18 Sep 2011 DNP Script

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DNP Script is a domain portfolio script.

No download Website Updated 23 Aug 2013 SignPDF

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SignPDF is a simple command line application to sign a PDF document. It can sign a PDF document with a valid certificate, encrypt/protect a PDF document, and timestamp a PDF document (optional feature). A JKS keystore with a cert signed by your desired CA is mandatory for use. The tsa_url of a timestamp server can be used to timestamp your documents. The signed PDF file is signed and protected with allowed restrictions to printing, content copying, and content copying for accessibility. By default, SignPDF creates a configuration file at ~/.signpdf, which can be edited for further use.


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A simple, functional Tcl/Tk GUI for the mpg123 MP3 player.


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Secure Internet Live Conferencing.