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Download Website Updated 13 Dec 2001 XML Time Track

Pop 43.41
Vit 1.43

Time Track is a Personal Software Process tool to track time spent on projects and activities. Time is input with a Java Swing GUI and recorded as XML. The time is tracked down to the nearest minute. The idea behind tracking your time at this level of granularity is to improve your estimate efforts by basing them on historical data. Having the data as XML should allow you to easily create new reports by utilizing existing XML-based tools, such as XSLT. Time Track includes a Reporter tool that generates HTML activity summaries using XSLT stylesheets. These reports also include SVG graphs, which the Reporter tool converts to JPG files for simpler inclusion in the HTML reports.

Download Website Updated 17 Jul 2002 eXtended Linux Video

Pop 41.27
Vit 1.80

XLV is a middle-level interface for Audio/Video (and generic multimedia format) playing, recording, and managing. The idea is that what you can do automatically (with one call) can also be done manually (all the decoding process can be extracted from the automate). XLV comes with a full bunch of plugins, including Vorbis, MPEG audio decoding, MPEG 1/2 video decoding, a Win32 codec interface, AVI decoder, Wave decoder, Quicktime decoder, MPEG/VOB (DVD file) decoder, and more functionalities like auto-format conversion, etc.

Download Website Updated 26 Dec 2007 Haskell Ports Library

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Vit 1.99

Haskell Ports Library provides ports in Haskell. Ports are an abstraction for modelling variables whose values evolve over time without the need to resort to mutable variable, such as IORefs. More precisely, a port represents all values that a time-dependent variable successively take as a stream, where each element of the stream corresponds to a state change. A port supports concurrent construction of the time series, or stream of values. Ports are ideally suited for purely functional GUI interfaces that completely avoid the use of mutable variables.

Download No website Updated 29 Aug 2001 SXML

Pop 16.49
Vit 1.00

SXML is a little library to parse/generate configuration files in a restricted XML format similar to that used by GLADE, Freshmeat, and others.

Download Website Updated 31 Oct 2003 Smyle

Pop 79.20
Vit 2.69

SMYLE (Storage that Makes Your Life Easier) is a hierachical/relational database written in and for Java. Smyle is seamlessly integrated with Java and not an alien artifact like SQL.

Download Website Updated 07 Mar 2002 gdkxft

Pop 55.50
Vit 2.04

gdkxft transparently adds anti-aliased font support to GTK+-1.2. Once you have installed it, you can run any (well, nearly any) existing GTK+ binary and see anti-aliased fonts in the GTK widgets. You don't need to recompile GTK+ or your applications.

Download No website Updated 02 Sep 2001 ATG Dynamo integration for JBuilder

Pop 15.10
Vit 68.35

ATG Dynamo integration for JBuilder is a JBuilder 5 plugin that makes it easy to deploy J2EE applications to the ATG Dynamo Application Server version 5.1 (DAS). It can be installed and run with the other JBuilder 5 plugins such as BEA WebLogicServer 5.1, BEA WLS 6, IBM WebSphere 3.5, Borland AS 4.5, etc.

No download Website Updated 14 Jul 2005 dcache

Pop 43.87
Vit 2.07

The dcache library implements a fixed size cache which automatically deletes the oldest record if space is needed for new records. A number of commandline tools allow the cache to be used from shell scripts.

Download Website Updated 06 Sep 2001 PyEXIF

Pop 37.32
Vit 1.00

PyEXIF is a Python module that can read the JPEG or TIFF EXIF tags containing digital imaging device parameters. This is useful for use with images from digital cameras which includes lots of useful information about the image acquisition (e.g. shutter speed, aperture, etc.).

Download Website Updated 06 Sep 2001 jcq2k

Pop 19.24
Vit 1.00

jcq2k is a Java-based ICQ reusable plugin library utilizing the TCP-based ICQ2000 OSCAR protocol. It features logging in and out of the ICQ server, sending/receiving text, contacts, and status messages, and receiving URL messages.


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A minimalist news reader.


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Web-based firewall log analyzer for netfilter/ipfilter/ipfw/ipchains/cisco/snort /ulogd logs.