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Download Website Updated 21 Jun 2007 log4c

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Vit 3.53

Log for C is a library for flexible logging to files, syslog, and other destinations. It is modeled after the Log for Java library, staying as close to its API as is reasonable.

Download Website Updated 19 May 2004 Java Aspect Components

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Vit 4.16

JAC is a Java framework that provides some facilities to achieve Aspect-Oriented Programming and to separate concerns when programming (distributed) applications (for instance, the persistence or authentication aspects can be considered independently from what the application is doing). It provides a runtime execution environment that supports Aspect-Oriented applications written with the JAC framework that provides visualisation, administration, and configuration tools for the applications and for their aspects.

Download Website Updated 19 May 2005 Jcrontab

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Vit 3.88

Jcrontab provides a scheduler system written in Java. The classes are designed to be fully embeddable and can be used in any project. It provides a servlet to be integrated with app-servers (Tomcat, resin, Jetty, etc.) with a load-on-startup servlet. It reads and stores the crontab table from a file but is designed to include EJB and any other DataSource. It includes a minimal Web interface, and is written to get maximum efficience and performance.

Download Website Updated 12 Jan 2002 JMS Distributed Object Framework

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Vit 67.37

The JMS Distributed Object Framework (DOF) is an experiment in scalable and reliable distributed objects using JMS. It includes a message-driven bean for scalable request/reply access to stateless session EJBs, and also adds an additional protocol supporting request/reply to stateless session EJBs using HTTP.

Download Website Updated 19 Nov 2003 PicoGUI

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Vit 2.42

PicoGUI aims to be a complete GUI environment for handheld computers and other embedded systems. It uses a client/server model, like the X window system, but while an X server is given raw drawing commands, the PicoGUI server integrates a widget set, making PicoGUI clients small and efficient. PicoGUI also has the goal of allowing client/server connections over a variety of mechanisms. It is most commonly used with Linux, but is designed to be portable to any OS. PicoGUI has a variety of video and input drivers which allow it to interface with the Linux framebuffer device, SDL, the X window system, and several other devices.

Download Website Updated 14 Jan 2002 DBManager

Pop 12.08
Vit 67.36

DBManager aims to be an Abstraction Layer for JDBC databases. It hides all database interaction in the Superclass (DBManager), and the Superclass uses the Java reflection framework to gather information on tables and columns.

Download Website Updated 15 Jan 2002 XCool

Pop 20.57
Vit 1.00

XCool is an XQL (XML Query Language) implementation in Java. It consists of an engine which executes queries upon an XML file and can be accessed both programatically and in command line mode. It's not yet fully XQL compliant (doesn't support XML namespaces, methods, and queries containing the root operator), but the goal is to implement the complete XQL functionality.

No download Website Updated 09 Sep 2002 Simply GNUstep (Prometheus)

Pop 40.25
Vit 1.03

Simply GNUstep (Prometheus) is a Linux/GNU distribution aimed at providing a OpenStep feeling right from the initial bootup. To enhance ease of use, this distribution is more stripped down than most. It is based upon its own source tree, not on any other Linux distribution.

Download Website Updated 10 Jan 2005 Hibernate

Pop 195.35
Vit 6.69

Hibernate is a powerful, high performance object/relational persistence and query service for Java. It lets you develop persistent objects following common Java idiom, including composition, association, inheritance, polymorphism, and the Java collections framework. To allow a rapid build procedure, Hibernate rejects the use of code generation or bytecode processing. Instead, runtime reflection is used and SQL generation occurs at system startup time. It supports Oracle, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase, Interbase, Microsoft SQL Server, Mckoi SQL, Progress, SAP DB, and HypersonicSQL.

Download Website Updated 19 Feb 2002 transAuction

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Vit 2.46

transAuction is a small personal database for sellers to keep track of their transactions with online auctions.


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A single floppy operating system for playing MP3 CDs.


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Poor Richard's Independent anDroid Environment.