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Download Website Updated 29 Jan 2002 libemf

Pop 12.25
Vit 67.25

libEMF is a library for generating ECMA-234 enhanced metafiles on POSIX systems. The main purpose of this library is to generate vector graphics for StarOffice/OpenOffice. Drivers are available to generate importable graphics for SO/OO from various plotting tools.

Download Website Updated 24 Oct 2008 Retchmail

Pop 44.56
Vit 3.63

Retchmail is almost completely unlike fetchmail: it lacks features, isn't particularly robust (although it won't delete a message until sendmail says it was delivered okay), has nearly no documentation, and is actually fast. It also handles multiple accounts simultaneously.

No download Website Updated 23 Mar 2004 ReqTools

Pop 17.20
Vit 1.56

ReqTools is a library to help developers create requester windows in graphic applications under X. It is based on GTK+, and its APIs are very flexible and easy to use. It offers a lot of ready to use requesters, and the user can create his/her own. It comes with complete documentation in both HTML and PDF format.

Download Website Updated 01 Feb 2002 jpegextractor

Pop 32.95
Vit 1.00

jpegextractor extracts JPEG streams that are embedded in other files. Since it only looks for certain JPEG-specific byte signatures, it does not have to know the format of the files that encapsulate the JPEGs (like PDF). Several options are provided for naming the output JPEG files.

Download No website Updated 14 Jan 2003 JBossMX

Pop 42.78
Vit 2.75

The JBossMX project is a JBoss application server implementation of the Java Management Extensions technology. It is optimized for speed in the MBean server invocation bus, and will support many advanced features such as security, transactions, MBean server federation, and fail-over.

No download Website Updated 03 Feb 2002 JHBCI

Pop 12.57
Vit 67.22

JHBCI is JCA/JCE cryptographic service provider for Java. It is useful for building HBCI home banking applications (clients and servers). JHBCI implements all relevant "RDH" crypto algorithms for the German Homebanking Standard HBCI Version 2.2, such as DES, RSA, ISO9796-1:1991-Signature, and RIPEMD160-MessageDigest.

Download Website Updated 16 Oct 2002 Jazzy - Java spell checker API

Pop 54.91
Vit 1.46

Jazzy is a Java spell checker based on the algorithms used by aspell.

Download Website Updated 21 Mar 2002 Sourceforge Timesheet

Pop 36.77
Vit 2.25

Sourceforge Timesheet is a simple Sourceforge addon that allows users to fill out their timesheets against tasks created within Sourceforge.

No download Website Updated 25 Nov 2013 JFreeChart

Pop 438.75
Vit 31.85

JFreeChart is a chart library for the Java platform that supports a wide range of charts including pie charts (2D and 3D), bar charts (horizontal and vertical, regular or stacked, with optional 3D-effects), line charts, XY plots, scatter plots, time series charts, high/low/open/close charts, candlestick plots, Gantt charts, Pareto charts, combination charts, and more. It is suitable for use in applications, applets, servlets, and JSP.

Download Website Updated 11 Sep 2003 libshbuf

Pop 45.46
Vit 1.86

libshbuf introduces a new IPC concept: the "shared buffer", a more flexible and faster alternative for standard Unix FIFOs. Take some shared memory, flavour it with semaphore-based locking and change notifications, and refine it with an easy-to-use API and you get libshbuf's "shared buffers".


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A single floppy operating system for playing MP3 CDs.


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Poor Richard's Independent anDroid Environment.