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No download Website Updated 06 Jan 2011 mlapd

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Vit 2.92

MLAPD manages mailing lists posting accesses. Its goal is to read the data from LDAP. It works as an access policy delegation agent for Postfix, listens on a TCP socket, and can be queried concurrently by multiple Postfix instances.

Download Website Updated 01 Jan 2011 Heapkeeper

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Vit 2.45

Heapkeeper is a program to store, modify, and display email archives, especially mailing list archives. "Modifying" means that the archive is not really an archive, rather it is a living document like a wiki: it can be modified (and hopefully improved) by collaborators.

Download No website Updated 25 Mar 2011 C# MadMimi API

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Vit 1.60

The C# MadMimi API library provides a portable .NET wrapper for MadMimi's mailing list management and mailer API's. It can be compiled with Mono for use on numerous platforms and devices.

No download Website Updated 11 Dec 2010 FM EasyList

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Vit 35.58

FM EasyList is a quick and simple solution for adding a mailing list to your Web site. It comes with an extensive admin panel, subscription form, confirmation emails, export/import of email addresses, and many other features.

No download No website Updated 28 Feb 2012 mlmmj-archiver

Pop 15.56
Vit 1.05

mlmmj-archiver is a wrapper around hypermail to manage the HTML archive generation of mlmmj-based mailing lists. It uses a YAML configuration file to describe the lists and their options. It was created from Martin Leopold's update-archive.sh script.


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A PHP framework.


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A simple lock manager.