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Download Website Updated 29 Jul 2013 Weather Forecast

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Vit 17.53

Weather Forecast is an API wrapper for worldweatheronline.com. It provides access to current weather conditions and the next five days of weather forecasts.

Download No website Updated 20 Jun 2013 cMySQL_DB

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Vit 18.81

cMySQL_DB is a class that handles MySQL database connections and queries. It can select the database to access, escape literal text values to use in queries, execute arbitrary SQL queries, retrieve query results as arrays or objects, retrieve the count of query result rows, retrieve the number of affected rows, and retrieve the last inserted table record identifier. Errors can also be logged.

Download No website Updated 20 Jun 2013 cLogger

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Vit 18.81

cLogger is a PHP class that handles exceptions and logs them to files. It can also email a sysadmin.

Download Website Updated 02 May 2013 Zend Framework Models Generator

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Vit 1.78

Zend Framework Models Generator generates Zend Framework model classes from MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite databases. It can query a given database to retrieve the list of tables and their fields, and generates model classes for one table or for all tables of the specified database.

Download No website Updated 02 Apr 2013 Simple Validator

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Vit 20.58

Simple Validator is a class that validates string value according to rules. It currently supports validation of non-empty values, number values, e-mail addresses, alphanumeric, alphabetic, and numeric values, IP addresses, URLs, length ranges, and user-defined rules. The error messages associated with each validation are defined in a separate configuration script.

Download Website Updated 08 Oct 2013 PDO4You

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Vit 3.74

PDO4You is a class that implements the Singleton design pattern for connecting the database using the PDO extension (PHP Data Objects). It provides an abstraction layer for accessing data, regardless of which database you are using, and ensures that there is a single object instance per database connection. It can connect to several possible SQL databases using the available PDO drivers. Currently it supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MariaDB, Oracle, Microsoft SQL server, Sybase, and CUBRID (a database highly optimized for Web applications). The class can also execute multiple queries at once given a string in JSON format that specifies the type of query, the tables, fields, field values, conditions, etc.

No download No website Updated 30 Mar 2012 DB Schema Management

Pop 13.93
Vit 28.82

DB Schema Management is a class that can be used to: extract a database schema into a PHP script that defines the schema in an array; apply the extracted script to recreate the database schema; allow the editing of the extracted script to implement changes to the schema; and allow users of the application to create changes to the schema that are separate to the extracted script. It has support for pre- and post-processing scripts. It can require a minimum schema version to apply the update.

Download Website Updated 29 Aug 2012 Multi-Anexos

Pop 14.66
Vit 35.32

Multi-Anexos is a PHP class that can be used to compose and send email messages with attachments. It can compose email messages given the headers and body values. The class can attach multiple attachment files to the message. The composed message is sent with the mail function.

Download Website Updated 07 Mar 2011 Dextep Template Engine

Pop 12.77
Vit 35.99

Dextep Template Engine implements a template engine based on regular expression replacements. It can process a template with marks that define placeholders or sections using regular expressions to locate and replace those marks. Currently, it supports marks that define expressions, conditions, loops, and sub-templates files. The templates may compiled and cached to avoid processing the templates again in the future.

Download No website Updated 24 May 2010 Tephlon

Pop 39.31
Vit 38.30

Tephlon is an easy PHP persistence library. It has a highly modular OOP design and a no-SQL storage system. It stores any object or variable safely and tidily on disk for fast access. The API is meant to be easy and fast to learn. It features Java-style key-value maps, namespaces, easy Codeigniter integration, programmable lifetime of records, a multi-driver architecture, reliable and well-tested code, and easy incremental backup of data with SVN or GIT.


Project Spotlight


A utility for monitoring Unix system services.


Project Spotlight


A Web-based multi-terminal and SSH management tool.