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Download Website Updated 06 Mar 2002 PLWM

Pop 21.14
Vit 3.43

PLWM (The Pointless Window Manager) is a highly modularised window manager written in Python. It has no configuration files; instead, you combine Python classes to make the perfect window manager for yourself. This is not a window manager for non-programmers. The feature list includes point-to-focus and sloppy-focus, outline move, resizing, deiconifying, views (extremely powerful workspaces), and multihead support. PLWM is controlled completely from the keyboard.

Download Website Updated 27 Feb 2002 Narval

Pop 87.62
Vit 3.95

Narval is a framework dedicated to the setting up of intelligent personal assistants (IPAs). It includes a language, an interpreter, and a GUI/IDE. It is based on artificial intelligence and agent technologies. It executes recipes (sequences of actions) to perform tasks. It is easy to specify new actions using XML and to implement them using Python. Recipes can be constructed graphically (without programming) by linking blocks representing the actions.

No download Website Updated 27 Feb 2002 python-mcrypt

Pop 55.05
Vit 1.00

Python-mcrypt is a comprehensive Python interface to the mcrypt library, which provides a uniform interface to several symmetric encryption algorithms. It is intended to have a simple interface to access encryption algorithms in ofb, cbc, cfb, ecb, and stream modes. It supports algorithms like DES, 3DES, RIJNDAEL, Twofish, IDEA, GOST, CAST-256, ARCFOUR, SERPENT, SAFER+, and more.

Download Website Updated 26 Feb 2002 Makejail

Pop 18.57
Vit 67.04

Makejail employs short configuration files to help administrators create and maintain chroot jails. Makejails attempts to guess which files are required by the daemon, and installs all these files into the jail.

Download Website Updated 26 Feb 2002 Virtual Environment Toolkit

Pop 24.19
Vit 2.03

VETk is a toolkit for developing complex and distributed user interfaces. It is centered around a distributed component model with publisher-subscriber facilities. One can easily write multi-user applications by embedding standard Java components in HTML.

Download Website Updated 24 Feb 2002 Python chess module

Pop 12.73
Vit 1.77

pyos-chess (Python chess module) does not know how to play chess, but does understand the rules enough that it can watch moves and verify that they are correct. It features high abstraction, understands various notations (including algebraic, long algebraic, and standard algebraic notation), does disambiguation, and supports saving and loading the state of a game.

Download Website Updated 21 Feb 2002 MPy3

Pop 41.21
Vit 2.06

MPy3 is a full-featured, modular, configurable MP3 player system aimed at jukeboxes or car MP3 systems. It can play MP3s via rxaudio or mpg123, take input from a keyboard (tty), LIRC, or joystick. It does output through a CrystalFontz LCD directly, or through any LCD that LCDProc supports, or even through X. It features playlist support and support for controlling the mixer (using aumix). All of the inputs, outputs, and other functions are controlled via a number of modular libraries which can be used in other projects as well.

Download Website Updated 21 Feb 2002 NuxUserGroups

Pop 20.45
Vit 1.00

NuxUserGroups is a Zope product that adds the notion of groups of users. Groups provide a level of indirection in the user -> roles mapping, which provides greater flexibility. The groups are defined and managed in the User Folder. They are then used at the local roles level, where you can define an additional mapping of groups -> roles, thus giving the users who belong to these groups additionnal local roles. A workgroup can be defined simply and managed in a centralized manner.

Download Website Updated 20 Feb 2002 Philter

Pop 13.64
Vit 1.41

Philter is a mail filter written in Python which sorts email which is stored in a qmail-style maildir on Linux. It is meant to be used in conjunction with a mail fetching tool like getmail. A properties file is used to setup the basic filtering configuration.

Download Website Updated 19 Feb 2002 transAuction

Pop 20.10
Vit 2.46

transAuction is a small personal database for sellers to keep track of their transactions with online auctions.


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A Web-based interface for Unix system administration.


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An implementation of the Arduino IDE for GNOME.