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Download Website Updated 21 Jan 2002 x10ephem

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Vit 2.18

x10ephem computes sunrise and sunset times. It consists of a library and an assortment of utilities. The most useful utility is x10events, which parses crontab files and updates the time fields to track sun events. Combined with an X10 interface like HEYU or X10, this allows the scheduling of lighting events to follow the changing seasons and daylight savings time automatically. This application does not depend on X10; it can be used for any crontab entry you like.

Download Website Updated 13 Jul 2008 x2svg

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Vit 3.79

x2svg is software to graphically lay out files like DTDs, XML Schema, Java property files, and Ant build files as scalable vector graphics (SVG). SVG diagrams can be converted into various formats (like PDF or PNG) directly from within x2svg.

Download Website Updated 17 Mar 2010 x48

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Vit 3.58

x48 is an emulator of the HP48 sx or gx calculator. This is a very nice RPN calculator.

No download Website Updated 18 Dec 2005 x4juli

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Vit 55.71

x4juli is a port of the main parts of log4j to the J2SE Logging API. The default implementation is incomplete and therefore still not widely used, even when introduced in J2SE 1.4. x4juli provides logmanagers, formatters, handlers, and filters to fill the gap. The interface and use of the original API has not been changed. Additionally, x4juli delivers a native implementation of the Jakarta Commons Logging (JCL) API and the Simple Logging Facade for Java (SLF4J) API.

No download Website Updated 25 Jan 2006 xCAT

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Vit 2.29

xCAT (Extreme Cluster Administration Toolkit) is a tool kit that can be used for the deployment and administration of Linux clusters. Its features are based on user requirements, and many of its features take advantage of IBM xSeries hardware.

Download Website Updated 04 Apr 2010 xCover

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Vit 2.28

xCover is a code coverage library for C and C++. It uses non-standard features available with GCC 4.3+ and Visual C++ 7.0+. Users place line-marks in each branch of each function or method in a component's source file, and the library is able to produce, upon request, a report of which of these has not been executed. Reporting can be done on a per-file, per-alias, or per-file-group basis.

No download Website Updated 25 Aug 2003 xFloWS

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Vit 1.00

xFloWS aims to provide a graphical toolkit in Java that enables users to create complex workflows by combining existing resources such as Web Services, Java classes, and more using an intuitive drag and drop interface, coupled with a graphical modelling system. You choose the entities that the new business requires for implementation, use the graphical interface to build connections between resources and model the flow to reflect the business functionality, and generate the code necessary for the business deployment.

Download Website Updated 26 Jul 2005 xFunction

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Vit 1.54

xfunction is a JNI proxy library for calling external functions written in any programming language directly from Java code. It can be used for reuse of legacy code and non-Java third party libraries.

Download Website Updated 14 Sep 2008 xLightweb

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Vit 1.00

xLightweb is an easy-to-use HTTP network library to build high performance, highly scalable network applications in Java. xLightweb provides a simple and intuitive API to write client side HTTP applications as well as server side HTTP applications. In contrast to the Servlet API, xLightweb is not only focused on server side programming. xLightweb also supports client side programming by providing high-capacity client side classes such as an HttpClient. It supports both blocking/synchronous programming as well as non-blocking/asynchronous programming.

No download Website Updated 21 May 2003 xMySQL 2.1

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xMySQL is a PHP class that simplifies using MySQL databases. It is designed to be simple and effective, leaving out all "unnecessary" functions in favor of only those most frequently used, such as connecting and disconnecting from a server, and executing SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE queries.


Project Spotlight


A Wordpress clone written in GNU Bash.


Project Spotlight


A complete, ready-to-install Perl distribution for multiple platforms.