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No download Website Updated 09 Jun 2003 Civil

Pop 59.61
Vit 2.14

Civil is a cross-platform, turnbased, networked strategy game that allows players to take part in scenarios set during the American Civil war. It simulates battles on a company level (a company is roughly 100 men).

Download Website Updated 06 Feb 2012 UnNetHack

Pop 59.40
Vit 3.29

UnNetHack is a variant of the hugely popular roguelike game NetHack. It features more monsters, more levels, more items, more perils, more challenges, and more fun than vanilla NetHack.

Download Website Updated 27 Sep 2002 MegaMek

Pop 58.99
Vit 2.04

MegaMek is an implementation of the BattleTech board game, featuring network play.

No download Website Updated 08 Dec 2004 Freebooters

Pop 57.16
Vit 2.07

Freebooters is a strategy/action game set in the Caribbean Sea during the golden age of piracy. It is based on the game mechanics of Sid Meier's "Pirates!", but is not an exact clone and uses neither code nor copyrighted material from the original.

No download Website Updated 09 Jan 2006 GoGrinder

Pop 55.44
Vit 4.04

GoGrinder is a Java program for practicing Go problems. It uses problems in SGF format. 750 problems are included in the install, and thousands more are easily downloadable (pointers are in the documentation).

No download No website Updated 25 Aug 2004 3D Python OpenGL Chess Game

Pop 55.20
Vit 1.00

3D Python OpenGL Chess Game is a normal chess game that has no computer player (yet). You can play against a friend on your PC.

Download Website Updated 19 May 2008 Ex Astris

Pop 54.44
Vit 2.01

Ex Astris is a game in the style of Elite and Space Trader: a strategy game of trading goods between different worlds.

Download Website Updated 08 May 2001 Merchant Empires

Pop 54.22
Vit 3.75

Merchant Empires is a multiplayer, Web-based game of space exploration and economic competition. It is a game of strategy, role-playing, and diplomacy, based on both Trade Wars and Space Merchant.

Download No website Updated 26 Mar 2006 GalaxyMage

Pop 54.09
Vit 2.49

GalaxyMage is a tactical/strategic RPG. A tactical RPG is a type of role-playing game where turn-based battles are fought on a 3D map. Examples of commercial tactical RPGs include Final Fantasy Tactics, Vandal Hearts, and Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. GalaxyMage is designed to be relatively simple to pick up and play without getting bogged down in the details of the battle mechanics. But it also allows for a lot of character development and customization.

Download Website Updated 31 Jul 2007 Morabaraba

Pop 53.17
Vit 2.55

Morabaraba is an implementation of Morabaraba, an ancient African board game similar to Nine Men's Morris. It includes a cross-platform GUI and a strong playing engine which makes learning and playing Morabaraba a pleasure.


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A tool which reorganizes tables in PostgreSQL databases with minimal locks.


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A library for geospatial data file manipulation.