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Download Website Updated 04 Sep 2010 GRhino

Pop 52.38
Vit 9.99

GRhino is a GUI Othello/Reversi game for the GNOME environment. The goal is to have a game with a strong AI, targeted to experienced players.

Download No website Updated 26 Mar 2006 GalaxyMage

Pop 54.09
Vit 2.49

GalaxyMage is a tactical/strategic RPG. A tactical RPG is a type of role-playing game where turn-based battles are fought on a 3D map. Examples of commercial tactical RPGs include Final Fantasy Tactics, Vandal Hearts, and Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. GalaxyMage is designed to be relatively simple to pick up and play without getting bogged down in the details of the battle mechanics. But it also allows for a lot of character development and customization.

Download Website Updated 14 Feb 2003 Galmast

Pop 27.11
Vit 1.46

Galmast is a space strategy game similar in nature to Microprose Master Of Orion. It allows the colonization of planets and researching of technology as well as ship design and battles. It is written in Waba/Java and is targeted towards grayscale PDAs.

Download Website Updated 25 Nov 2002 Gamazons

Pop 27.28
Vit 2.25

Gamazons is a game played on a 10x10 chess board. Each side has four pieces (amazons) that move like chess queens (in a straight line in any direction). Instead of capturing pieces like in chess, the game is determined based on who moves last. Each move consists of two parts. First an amazon moves to a new square and then fires an arrow to another square (the arrow is fired in a straight line in any direction from the square the amazon landed on). The square the arrow lands on becomes a permanent block for the rest of the game. No one can move over it, or fire an arrow over it. Every turn an amazon must move and fire an arrow, so every turn there is one less square available on the board. Try to block in your opponent, or section off a good chunk of the board for yourself.

Download Website Updated 27 Jan 2009 Games::Roguelike::Utils

Pop 10.20
Vit 1.00

Games::Roguelike::Utils is a Perl module for the easy development of rogue-like games. It includes cross-platform console handling, line of sight, path-finding, and other basic roque-like needs.

No download Website Updated 13 Dec 2004 GeBoP

Pop 11.22
Vit 58.77

GeBoP stands for General Boardgames Player. GeBoP allows you to play 9 strategic boardgames against the computer or against another player. You can even watch a number of computer players fight among themselves. Some of the games can be played with a variable number of players, and other games can be played on various board sizes. GeBoP features a unified best move engine. Because of this, additional strategic boardgames are easy to add to the application.

Download Website Updated 18 Aug 2001 Generic Empire for the Masses

Pop 13.49
Vit 68.32

GEMpire is a simple turn based multiplayer strategy game, written in java, designed to be played over the internet in client-server fashion. It is a generalization of the commercial game Empire Deluxe for the PC. It consists mainly of a server, a client, a map editor, and a random map generator.

No download Website Updated 21 Dec 2006 Generic Game-Tree Library

Pop 88.74
Vit 5.19

GGTL is a library designed to make it easier to program games in C. It provides an AI that is able to play most 2 player strategic games. Nim, Tic-Tac-Toe, Reversi (aka Othello), Connect-4, and Chess are all examples of games that can all be implemented using GGTL.

No download Website Updated 09 Jan 2006 GoGrinder

Pop 55.44
Vit 4.04

GoGrinder is a Java program for practicing Go problems. It uses problems in SGF format. 750 problems are included in the install, and thousands more are easily downloadable (pointers are in the documentation).

No download Website Updated 29 Mar 2002 GoVRec

Pop 9.85
Vit 1.00

GoVRec is software for recording Go games on a Linux PDA. It was developed for the Agenda VR3 but uses XLib only, so it can be compiled on any computer with X11. Also, due to its layout it is easily portable to any PDA which can be programmed in C++. It features autosaving, sound, adding/replacing stones, browsing variations, etc.


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A tool which reorganizes tables in PostgreSQL databases with minimal locks.


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A library for geospatial data file manipulation.