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Download Website Updated 28 Nov 2003 brag

Pop 133.04
Vit 4.34

Brag collects and assembles multipart binary attachements from newsgroups. This is a command-line tool, well suited to run as a cron job. It features support for uuencode and MIME base64, and message filtering with accept/reject patterns.

Download No website Updated 11 Nov 2003 nntp2rss

Pop 42.31
Vit 1.76

nntp2rss provides a bridge to access newsgroups using an RSS reader. It assembles the latest few articles' subjects of one newsgroup into one feed. Users can read any newsgroup with the same script as the group name is passed as a parameter. The feed can contain up to 25 articles (also a parameter), and there is the option to use Google Groups links to view groups and article texts. Feeds are compliant to RSS 0.91, 1.0, or 2.0, PIE/NECHO 0.1, or Unix mbox.

Download Website Updated 13 Oct 2003 News::Web

Pop 14.21
Vit 1.00

News::Web implements a full news-to-Web gateway with virtually no administrator configuration, hopefully allowing Usenet to be used as a Web board. The framework is also open enough to be easily usable by other projects.

Download Website Updated 13 Oct 2003 News::Overview

Pop 9.90
Vit 1.00

News::Overview is a Perl object that manages condensed information about Usenet posts in the overview format. It accepts information from an NNTP XOVER command, and allows for basic searching and sorting of the referenced articles. It was designed to be part of several other news modules.

Download No website Updated 19 Sep 2003 Mantra

Pop 18.25
Vit 62.49

Mantra is a centralized, Web-based newsreader. It uses a PostgreSQL database to store overview and cache information and features SQL, NIS and, LDAP users support, article scoring, RDF/RSS, usage statistics, online logs, and more.

Download Website Updated 31 Jul 2003 newsrc-care

Pop 12.85
Vit 1.00

newsrc-care is a set of scripts to manage your newsrc file. squish-newsrc safely shrinks extra long article newsrc lines, and rm-saved-newsrc prunes the number of archived copies of your newsrc.

No download Website Updated 11 Jul 2003 WaMCom

Pop 40.62
Vit 1.42

The WaMCom project tries to create versions of Mozilla that are more stable and correct than official Mozilla milestones. In order to achieve that, stable Mozilla releases are extended with backported correctness fixes from the ongoing Mozilla development. In addition, it contains some selected enhancements not yet available in the official Mozilla project, mostly in the areas of security and cryptography. Examples are APOP authentication for POP3 mail, SMTP/SSL, and support for crypto.signText().

Download Website Updated 21 Jun 2003 MyNewsGroups :)

Pop 83.43
Vit 3.89

MyNewsGroups :) is a USENET news client with a completely Web-based interface. It is written in PHP4, and uses a database backend. Its main purpose is to mirror all messages from subcribed public newsgroups into a database, and add extra features such as saving articles per user, statistics on users, search functions, and so on. MyNewsGroups :) is aimed at people that have a Web site and want offer their users direct access to newsgroups of same subject.

Download Website Updated 20 Jun 2003 mail2nntp

Pop 39.77
Vit 1.83

mail2nntp is a bridge from the email realm to the newsgroup one. It can be used to replicate a mailing-list on a newsgroup server. It is a generic tool, using NNTP network commands. It is written in Perl and uses News::NNTPClient CPAN module.

Download Website Updated 14 Jun 2003 GBuffy

Pop 29.19
Vit 2.34

GBuffy will poll multiple mailboxes for new mail. It will list the number of new messages in each mailbox you configure. It will also highlight the mailboxes that have new mail, and you can display the message headers by pressing mouse button one on a mailbox. GBuffy is currently capable of watching MBOX, MMDF, Maildir and MH Folders. This version also supports IMAP4rev1 and NNTP with XOVER mailboxes, as well as displaying X-Face headers.


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A sophisticated command line based file transfer program.


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A client for the pump.io social network.